Monday, September 25, 2017

A BIG fluffy chicken post

We all know my poor chickens didn't make it through last Winter. So starting March I had a fresh batch of laying hens. 

I ordered 15 assorted breed hens, one of which turned out to be a rooster.

And due to normal loss and a few incidents with Rosie, I am down to 11 laying hens and good ole Mr Rooster.

I started getting eggs about a month ago, cue my happy dance! And now get between 6-9 eggs a day.

I'm hoping we can keep Mr Roo around and have Spring chicks next year! sure would beat ordering them and paying out the years in shipping costs. 

I also currently have meat birds that will be ready for butcher in another month or so. I lost a handful of them as well, unfortunately. But it will be nice to get them in the freezer for the Winter, and start again next Spring.

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