Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Reagan's First day of Kindergarten

Today, I'm sending a piece of my heart and soul into the world...

My brain knows she will soar.

But my heart, my heart says "what if she speaks, and no one listens..." "what if she needs help, and the teacher is busy..." "what if she can't get the straw in her juice pouch..."
These are the helicopter mom questions making the tears roll down my face. 

Reagan Grace,

You are so sweet, unimaginably sweet. Thoughtful, generous, kind and grateful. 

You are silly and funny, smart and brave.

I'm going to miss you around the house, you are such an amazing helper. You help me with Lincoln and CJ, with the laundry, sweeping, and putting the shoes on the rack. 

We spend the day singing songs, making up the words when we don't know the real ones. Dancing in the living room and running around the kitchen island. 

Riding bikes and watering the garden, feeding chickens and checking the mail...

One thing is for sure. Your teacher got lucky when she got you in her class. 

You my sweet babe, are amazing.

Reaggy Roo, I love you.


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