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I've been seeing lots of bloggers posting their baby registry "must haves", and I thought to myself- well that looks fun, I wanna play!!

So here goes my absolute love love double love items to have on your registry.

First, lets get one thing straight- I am much more of a minimalist than most. I read through a list that recommended having 15-20 swaddle blankets and had to pick my jaw up off my keyboard. So keep that in mind while reading through my list. Yes there are gaajillions of baby items in the world, but remember, for every item you buy, you have to have a place to store it- time to wash it- and inevitably have to pick it up off the floor 100 million times before it will someday end up in a box waiting for a yard sale you swear you are going to have every Summer but somehow never have time to actually put together....


One or Two warm comfy changes of clothes for baby. Also, make sure to have a pair of mittens- baby gets a handful of shots before discharge and you want to keep those sharp little nails away from their face and eyes.

One or Two COMFY changes of clothes for you, make sure your tops have easy access for breastfeeding.

Your favorite body wash and shampoo, yes the hospital provides these, but let me be honest in saying the first shower after giving birth is THE BEST shower of your life. THE BEST. So indulge yourself with some of your favorites, after all it may be the last uninterrupted shower for a while.

The car seat for babes.


I was in love with my bath pad, highly recommend it. We used this one for the first 4-6 months, then when Reagan could sit up I bought her this one. Both of these are American Made, brownie points for keeping your money in the States.

Baby wash: we tried Johnson and Johnson briefly- then realized we needed something more for our girls sensitive skin- so we've been using Aveeno baby wash since she was little and still use it today.

Lotion: again, love Aveeno baby lotion

Hooded towels: I vote to splurge on two of the fluffiest softest hooded towels rather than 4-5 thin ones. Quality over quantity.

Wash cloths: 3-4 is all you NEED, remember you just end up storing them.


I was in love with these ice pack/gel pads for the first few weeks of nursing. 

Nursing pads: I ended up not needing them- however I had a friend who needed them until she weaned her little one. So have a few on hand until you know what your needs are.

Nipple cream: I liked the Medela brand, I used another brand first and found it greasy and it stained my clothes. Medela rocked it. Also great for little dry patches on you or baby, AND makes great chapstick if in a pinch.

Freezer bags: for milk storage, if you plan to store milk. It's important to find ones that have the built in measuring on the side and of course a place to date it. Make sure to store them flat in the freezer to save space. Once frozen I placed them in a gallon size freezer bag in date order.

A breast pump: if you plan to nurse most of the time and pump only after nursing than you probably only need a single pump. If you want to be a milk powerhouse and pump your little heart out, go for the double wammy supped up pump. Also, be sure to check with your insurance provider, some or all of your pump price may be covered.

Bottles: Have a few different kinds on hand, it may take a couple different styles to find out what your babe prefers.

Boppy pillow and cover, I didn't know they made waterproof covers for boppy pillows until recently. Get two. And get two covers as well. These were in my washing machine on a daily basis.

Pee's & Poop's:

Diapers: a pack or two or five of Newborn size is a must....start with a few and buy as needed. Little babe's bums grow fast.

Wipes: Costco is your friend on these guys. Their Kirkland brand is the best deal and do a great job on little tushy's

Butt cream: IN LOVE with Grandma El's. I will never buy another brand.


Onesies/outfits: I say roughly 7-10 in each size is a good amount, so many outfits never get worn or get worn only once.

Jammies: 4-5 Sleeper onesies is more than enough. Typically you have less spit-ups and blow outs at night so you don't need as many jams as you do daytime wear.

Socks: I love the newborn pants with built in feet, but socks are important to have around, I would say a good 10 pairs is good. I liked having all white so you don't have to worry about matching socks...after all when you are running around like a maniac trying to make it to the pediatrician's office on time for babe's first check up the last thing you need to worry about is mismatched socks.

Mittens: have 2 pairs or so on hand for the first few weeks. You want to keep that precious face scratch free for pictures and it takes a couple weeks before you have the balls to clip those tiny nails.

On the Go:

Diaper bag: I turned out to be an anti diaper bag kind of mom, I am also the kind of mom that gets caught in public with a blow out and no change of clothes...SO make sure you have a diaper bag you will use, and that has room for all babies desirables.
Wet bag: To put aforementioned soiled clothes/burp rags into until you can take home and toss in the washer.

Hand sanitizer: for you and family members to de-germ before grabbing the crying baby.

Ziplocks: Great for sticking whatever paci's, toys, and later on snacks in when you're on the go.


Bumbo/tray: The tray is a MUST.

Highchair. Pretty self explanatory. It doesn't need to cost a lot, it's just going to get covered in puréed peas and spaghetti sauce. Just make sure is cleans easily.

Activity mat: The uglier the better! The bright colors are great for keeping little ones occupied while you're trying to get dinner on the table.

Jenny Jump up: Old school, but a definite classic. We got ours at a yard sale, but you can find lots of different styles and colors online. This was my go-to activity for Reag when I was getting ready, just stick her right in the doorway of the bathroom and she was set!

Swing: A life saver when you just need one...more...hour....of sleep.

Portable sleeper: We used both a Play yard, and this Fisher Price Rock N' Play Sleeper, it worked great for trips to Grandma's or just moving about the house/backyard.


Crib sheets: you'll want 2

Waterproof matress pad: you'll want 2

Changing pad cover: you'll want 2

Monitor: A video monitor is the way to go these days. We have the Motorola video monitor and love it. It's great to be able to see and hear the little nuggets and adding a second camera is such a great option if you have two babes to keep your eyes on.

Swaddle blankets: you'll want 3-4

Blankets: We loved having lots of blankies on hand, still do. They are great for throwing on the floor for playtime, naptime and to cuddle up with on the couch. 6-7 is a good number.

Headrest mirror: Best $10 ever spent.

Car seat protector: Saves your car seats from crumbs, spills and keeps them from getting dents caused by your car seat.

Travel system: I doubt there are too many soon to be Moms who are considering another option. BUT if you are, stop it. The click in- click out infant seat is a life saver, time saver and sanity saver. Please remember Mommy's that car seat safety is uber important!

Magnetic safety locks: (You won't need these for a while, but they can be spendy so having it on your registry might inspire someone to buy them for you) These babies are my ultimate favorite safety item ever. Well worth the money, the simple finger pusher ones are enough to drive you crazy, they break easily, and toddlers figure them out after seeing you use them a couple times. The magnetic locks are sturdy, truly toddler proof and you have the ability to inactivate them- so if you are cooking or putting dishes away you can turn them off and go about your business without dealing with them.

Shopping cart cover: This one was great, it has built in side pillows to help support your baby, and keep them snug in the seat. It rolls up super easy, and if you just leave it in your car you always have it handy.

Wrap/baby carrier: I was recommended this wrap by a fellow mama of two, and I can't praise it enough. It is so simple to put on, seriously on within 1 minute (and I'm slow at it). It's comfortable to wear and baby LOVES it. So great for grocery shopping, scanning the isles at Home Depot and is light enough to wear for walks. Love it. Did I mention I love it? I love it.

Thanks for playing along!

*post contains affiliate links, thank you for your support*

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